Let's hit a block on testnet! We did it!

Congratulations to user Rafnul who hit the first Nerdminer block!

[2024-02-28 08:02:49.943] Network diff set to 1.0
[2024-02-28 08:02:50.885] Possible block solve diff 21.883195 !
[2024-02-28 08:02:50.899] Submitting block data!
[2024-02-28 08:02:50.988] BLOCK ACCEPTED!
[2024-02-28 08:02:50.991] Solved and confirmed block 2579763 by tb1qr7rqr72qwhr78cjvgpv0dakrqfjpag7mw7ap2w.Rafnul_3

Build device

Assemble your own Nerdminer or get one from bitronics.store

Flash firmware

Head over to flasher.bitronics.store to flash the latest firmware

Setup pool

Configure your Nerdminer to point to our testnet pool at solo.nerdminers.dev:3333

Hit a Block and Win!

Be the first one to hit a block with a Nerdminer and win 200K sats!

How to participate

Get proof. Join our new pool and hit a block on testnet with your Nerdminer.

Pool URL

Configure your Nerdminer to use solo.nerdminers.dev:3333 as pool address and port.

BTC address

Either use your own testnet address or pick one of these below:

  • tb1qddnvkzke58h3k7k7zywq8pap7usufd773cvdkf
  • tb1qqhar5gazw2c6mzr9haprtpktq6z0ehgvuraumv
  • tb1quaryh8jgu8cduzl736ycg3mh3k36x7q0yn2wgw
  • tb1qsrzhlqdpr9gvq8swtds6kfhtnv9z2exvl2jjv4
  • tb1qd4eet82jlkj7336p47knn45d0hsg49rtjgr0su

Worker name

Set a unique worker name by appending a dot (".") after the tBTC address you want to mine to, e.g. tb1qddnvkzke58h3k7k7zywq8pap7usufd773cvdkf.worker_1 so that we can identify which worker has mined the magic block and gets the prize of 200K sats. Best use your Telegram usernames, with underscores ("_") instead of spaces.


Pool Status

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What miners are supported?

    Only Nerdminers are supported on this pool, any other miner will be rejected. This is due to the needed modifications to support ultra-low diff which are incompatible with regular diff calculation. This restriction may be removed in the future, though.

  • This pool's code is originally based on the solo ckpool code created by Con Kolivas, with modifications to support the ultra-low diff needed for the Nerdminers. You can get the source code here: https://github.com/golden-guy/ckpool-solo/tree/nerdminer_v2 Patches, Comments and PRs welcome!

  • On testnet, the difficulty drops to 1 in case no block is found for 20 minutes. So there is a good chance that one of our Nerdminers may hit a diff 1 block in this low-diff time frame. If we hit a block on testnet using this pool, we have proof for a block mined by Nerdminer. And this will also give us confidence to use this pool code for mainnet.

  • For the global pool status, click here: https://solo.nerdminers.dev/pool/pool.status

    To see individual user statistics, append the BTC address to this URL like this: https://solo.nerdminers.dev/users/tb1qddnvkzke58h3k7k7zywq8pap7usufd773cvdkf

  • You will be the winner of the awesome prize of 200K sats (sponsored by the Bitmaker dev crew) if your Nerdminer mines the first block that gets added to the blockchain during this challenge when mining on this pool. To be able to identify you and to confirm your eligibility for the prize, it is important that you use your Telegram user name as worker name!

    In addition to the prize, you will get the full honour of being the first one to hit a block with a Nerdminer. Visible to everyone, this proof will be recorded in the blockchain as "/mined by nerdminer/" in the mined block's coinbase signature.